Friday, 21 September 2018


My Words:




I have wrote these words and have put them on the vocab wall. These are the words and words that have prefix and suffix to make the word different.

Highlight of Jubilee

Sunday 14th of September was the 60th Jubilee of my School, Saint Pius X Catholic School. During the Jubilee my highlight is the performances after the mass in the hall. My favourite group that performed was the Fijian group because they uplifted the whole event because it was literally dead.

My other Highlight was me dancing for the Samoan group because if it was a competition I would have won! I was brave and danced in front of everyone because Im used to all the attention! My group had done good and was actually nice because at the practise it was something else. Our uniform was nice with all the different colours and necklaces worn.

This is my Highlight of our School's 60th Jubilee!! Hope you enjoy! 


To Explain the meaning of Sacrament

To Recognise that in everything in life there is the possibility for people to became aware of signs of God's Presence .

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Joseph - Finding The Bigger Fraction!

Wednesday 29th August
To find which fraction is the bigger one.

Today I learnt how to find the bigger fraction, I used  screencastify to show my understanding of finding the bigger fraction! Hope you enjoy!! 

Friday, 24 August 2018

100 Words Challenge

Monday 27 August
….why would I do that? I said after my principal thought that I egged the school
last night which was Halloween night. “But Mrs. It wasn’t me that did that”
I said quickly, “Sorry Joseph, But we had people living around this area saying
they saw you, plus even the surveillance camera caught you” replied the principal.
“Im sorry, im gonna have to ring your parents and suspend you” added Mrs. C.
I was scared and nervous of what my parents were gonna say, but I knew
It wasn’t me that did this. I was thinking of who would have done this to me?.
Then it came to me, It was my arch-enemy Lisa! She was really good at
disguising herself as other people. I barged into the Principal’s office and said
“It wasn’t me, It was lisa” Mrs. C replied “What?” “I can prove it to you!”

I quickly took her to Lisa’s office and she opened it. In there was a mask
of me and egg plates with some eggs still inside. She let me go and suspended
Lisa instead.
The End

Friday, 10 August 2018

Maths: Fraction of a Set

Friday 10 August
Today I learnt how to use Fractions of a Set with Multiplication and Division.