Thursday, 22 March 2018

| Noticing Language |

Today Me and My Partner/Michael made a Info-graphic on the words we have learnt this week. We found pictures to match the words we have learnt about! 

Monday, 19 March 2018


This week and last week I got low scores because I was too slow to answer the questions. Next week I will try to answer the question more quickly and try to work quietly.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

My Soul Friend!


My soul friend’s name is Pita, He is a Year 4 student in Room 3. His favourite subject is writing and maths. He enjoys his weekend playing video games. He loves to eat Tongan food. He likes going to the pools with his family.
Im going to protect and help him throughout the school year.

Friday, 2 March 2018



I learnt what to do in a act of emergency!

Lockdown is a process in an emergency regarding somone or something that can Injure a student.

Lockdown is a safty precaution that every school has incase of an emergency. The emergency can be a Wild Animal or Someone that is carrying a weapon. It has been practised many times over the years but has recently has become a problem.

Firstly, In our school we know when there is a lockdown because of how the bell is rung. It goes on and off for more than 3 miniutes. When you hear the bell you go to the nearest buliding.

Secondly, when you hear the bell you have to lock the door’s and close the windows and go the the middle of the room or even under the table.

Lastly, you have to lie down on the ground and wait untill someone (the princpel) knocks on the door and tells you its that it is safe to come out, You then walk sensibly to the evacutaion place to check if all the students are acounted for.

In conclusion we have Lockdowns in case of emergencys
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God Strand - VIRTUE!

I understand the meaning of the word Virtue. God desires humanity to grow in Virtue.

What is a Keyword?
A keyword is a word that describes what the text is about.