Friday, 23 February 2018

Statistical Work!

We are learning about Statistics and Language, It helps us to be better at Maths and Literacy. It gives us the knowledge so that we can use it in the future. I will use this experience in the future in college.

Biography Work !

Learn - To describe myself using the structure of a bio poem.

Someone that is Big, Loud and Funny,
   Son of Mariah and Tusa Mulipola,
   Lover of Fried Chicken,Nature and Family,
  Travelling to Samoa, Being with Family and Friends,
High Places, Large Insects and Ghosts
Travelling from somewhere on a Boat
   Snow and Climbing a Mountain,
Auckland, New Zealand,


Figure me Out

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Technology Wednesday 21 February 2018

Technology at Tamki
The lesson today was ‘How to make Sponge Rolls’. The recipe was simple and easy to do. Malia did the wet ingredients (eggs) and I did the dry (flour and sugar). Once we had finished our tasks we had to whisk it and on top of a pot of boiling hot water. Then we had to butter the pan and put the batter into it.

When it was done ours couldn’t roll into the sponge because we had not whisk the batter properly so all we could do was to put on the whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Friday, 16 February 2018

White Tail Spider - Kiwi Kid New

White tail Spiders
The white tail spiders are coming around people's houses and can hide
inside of your shoes but, they are not dangerous when they bite it's the
infection that comes after. I think this is very helpful for kids because if you or
you're parents get bitten the children know what to do….. GO TO THE

Lent Week 1 - Religious Education

What have I gave up?
I have gave up Fizzy Drinks and Lollies.
What is my prayer - Almsgiving,Penance or Fasting?
My prayer is Almsgiving because to help the people who are less fortunate as me.

Stations of the Cross
Then a girl named Veronica comes out of the crowd, she looks sad for jesus, she came with a
cloth and she wipes the blood and the sweat off of the face of jesus, she couldn’t do anything
then wipe jesus’s face.


From the gospel reading today I have learnt that showing off to people and telling others what
you have done right like giving money to the poor or praying in front of everyone, and being
praised by others is not and award, keeping it secret only god will reward you in heaven.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Curiosity Project

I am most curious about A LOT of things but these are the things that I 

am most curious about and the tings that I want to learn . 

Interview with a game designer

I chose this video because I was curious about Gaming and how games are made! 

Friday, 9 February 2018

My Welcome !!

Visit from Our Lady of Fatima ⛪

Our lady of Fatima Visit
On the first day of school, we had a special liturgy.  was a very special day for St Pius X, Not only was it the first day of school but somebody very special came to visit us. She had come all the way from Europe to visit us here at our school!!

I felt peaceful because of Mary's presence in the church. When Sister Mary Claire was speaking to us about Mary Appearing to those kids in Fatima, It was really soft and well spoken because I understood and felt that she had a connection to us from when she was young.

At the end when Mary was leaving us I felt that my sins have been taken away with her.