Friday, 11 December 2015

Kelly Tarltons

Kelly Tarlton Writing
On the 20th of August Saint Pius X went to Kelly Tarltons to learn about sea life. We went on a bus with Room 3. It was so noisy my ears  hurt. When we got to Kelly Tarltons we listened to the rules.

First we walked through a copy of Scott's Hut. It was not interesting because I didn’t understand what was in there. We came out of the room we took funny photos.

After that we looked at the penguins which was exciting. They were swaying through the water when they were swimming , then when they came on land they were waddling. It was funny because we saw green stuff on the snow.

My favorite part was when we came to the Stingray Bay. We saw Stingrays and fishes. When the lady walked in the pool the stingray came swooping in and jumped up because he was hungry. Afterwards the lady showed us the sharp tail of the stingray.

At the end we went to the Education Classroom and learned to not litter so the sea animals won't die. A turtle ate a jellyfish who looked like a plastic bag and if you eat a plastic bag it won't break down. We touched an egg pod,dried sea horse,shark teeth and shark skin.

It was fun and I learned a lot about sea life. Then we went home on the bus.

Typing Speed Test

My WPM score of 36 has gone up since Monday’s which was 41 My typing speed is not improving which means I can't get my work done quicker.

Basic Facts

Today I got 30/60 and Last Friday I got 24/60 I have Improved With my Multiplication. But I still need to work on my Groupings within 100 and Division.