Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Favorite Day of the Holidays

My Favorite Day of the Holidays

In the first week of school holidays me,mum,dad and my brothers went to Rainbows End because my mum and dad had a day off.They don't usually have days off. It was so exciting.

After I went on the Log Flume ride with my dad, my nose started to bleed it was horrible. My nose did not stop bleeding so my mum and my little brother had to stay with me while my dad went with my other brother and go to the Go Karts. It was embarrassing because everyone was staring at me.

After my nose stopped bleeding me and my mum went to her favorite ride at Rainbows End, The Motion Master. It was scary. It had a lot of popups. My mum laughed through the whole thing. I laughed when the person next to us was screaming. When we finished we went to another ride.

My favorite ride at Rainbows End was the Fear fall. When me and my mum to the Fear fall the man told us to put all accessories in the box so my mum put her sunglasses, phone and bag in the box. When we went up, my mum was having a conversation to the people next to us. When we were up in the sky my mum counted down from 3, when she got to 1 we went down. When we went down my mum kicked the guy next to us. When we got off my mum said sorry to the guy and then we went to meet my dad and brothers.

After all of that my brothers and mum went home while dad went to the gym. When dad came back we went to Denny's. Denny’s is a restaurant where you order your food then eat after they bring your food. When the day was over we went home, watched a little bit of TV and then went to sleep.

The next day I went Sylvia Park to buy stuff for my cousin's Baptism it was boring I only liked it when we went to the Food Court. I wanted to go back to Rainbows End because It was fun there but not fun at Sylvia Park.

I learned how to Retell a story of the past by using my memory

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