Wednesday, 9 March 2016

West Waves

West Waves
On a rainy day I was in the sitting room watching television when my uncle walked in he wanted to get my aunt. He saw me and said we are going to the pool’s wanna come. I said yes of course.

First we stopped at Pak'nsave we bought snacks and drinks. When we got there I saw them in the pool they didn’t see me I waved they didn’t wave back. When we got past the receptionist I quickly got changed and jumped straight in.In the pool I was floating. Then I floated to the deep end when.Then all of a sudden I heard a siren I knew that meant waves. I tried to swim I felt like I was going to drown.I went up and down many times then my uncle came in and saved me and put me in the shallow end.

Then I went on the slide with my aunt's Sinivia and Alecia. When I went down and It was dark then light then dark. I nearly drowned AGAIN! I went two times until I lost my wrist band I thought I had it. The man said you have to have a wristband and He kicked me off.

When I got down I got called for lunch. When we got there, there were sandwiches and chicken It was enjoyable. After we eat we went to swim again. I wonder If my uncle never came to my house would've I went to the pool’s?

This Is my Recount writing

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