Monday, 4 April 2016

St Patrick Day Writing

Saint Patrick's Recount using Personal Voice
On Saint Patrick's day we had a mass. I was reading the Prayers of the Faithful with Dereon because his Soul Friend didn’t want do the reading. I guess he might have felt a bit shy. Even though I had done readings before I still felt like I had a pack of butterflies in my stomach. I felt relieved that I had read without mistakes. I still need to learn to slow down when I read.

At the feast/shared lunch I had brought nothing because I forgot . My soul friend, Charis, had also forgotten to bring something so we just ate our morning tea. Annalisa offered me some of her Doritos and Katelyn some of her Shapes but I said no thanks because I was embarrassed. They also offered them to Charis and he ate some.Mrs Deeney walked around handing out small bags of chips from Mrs Middleton. I didn’t mind eating those because I had nothing else and they were from my teacher.

I enjoyed the Mass because I was a reader but I didn’t enjoy the shared lunch because my soul friend didn’t talk to me, he was talking to his friend Gabriel. I also didn’t enjoy it because I had nothing nice to eat.

I learned how to make my writing interesting for my readers by using my personal voice and describing an event from my point of view.

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