Friday, 10 June 2016

Recount - Free Choice

On the Saturday me and my brother had a birthday party in the hall. My mum invited heaps of people. My Grandma invited Aaliyah and she came with Analisa,Telesia, Malia and Krystal came as well.

The next day, Sunday me and my mum woke up late. We woke up and my Grandma rushed through the door with a sack of potatoes she wanted us to peel them. We peeled them until they were all finished, Then my Grandma cut them and it took ages but finally they made it.

Monday was the day my whole family rested. We only woke up to eat, drink or go to the toilet. Then my mum woke me up and she said “Walk down to the hall because there’s practice”. I rushed out the door and went to practice, it was long but not too long. When it had finished I ran home, my mum and dad were watching TV.  I watched TV too and fell asleep. I knew this was the best weekend!

Recount - My free writing choice was a Recount about one special moment from the long weekend. I made sure I had my introduction, middle and end organised into paragraphs.

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