Friday, 17 March 2017

Green Space

Learn: To Explore habitat in our green Our green space is at the behind our school, on a little hill. In our Green Space there are fruit trees, heaps of grass and especially there is  living creatures and animals. They are Insects like Ants and Crickets and Birds in the trees. There is no problem to the insects and birds because no one goes there usually only the caretaker.

We can help by going there to clean up if there is rubbish and also to water the plants so they get bigger so that our insects and birds have something to eat.

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  1. HI JOSEPH!!
    I like your green space! I really think your description about your green space is awesome! Next time please, re read your post you have a mistake on is at the behind our school. Please correct it to it's behind our school. But anyways have a great day!