Monday, 11 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey Day 2: Activity 2

Activity 2: Rio de Janeiro, the host of Olympic Games this year, is a huge, vibrant and dynamic city. Perhaps the most famous landmark in the city is a large statue of Jesus called ‘Christ the Redeemer’ that sits on top of a hill overlooking Rio. Here is a picture of the statue:

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Statue of Christ the Redeemer.jpeg

New Zealand is also known for many famous landmarks, including the SkyTower and the Harbour Bridge. In your blog list 3 famous landmarks in New Zealand. Along with the name of each landmark provide a brief description of it. Where is the landmark located? In your opinion, why is it famous?  

My Answer

  1. Milford Sound: Milford is located South Island Within Fiordland National Park. Milford sound is a famous landmark in New Zealand Because you can swim or camp and the view is Awesome!
  2. Waitomo Cave: Waitomo is located in the north island of New Zealand. In waitomo caves you can go backpacking and rafting.It is fun because you get go in a cave.
  3. Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium: Kelly Tarlton’s is located in Auckland New Zealand. At Kelly Tarlton’s you can learn new stuff and see different kinds of animals under the sea.


  1. I really like the three landmarks that you have chosen for this activity. I had the privilege of going to Milford Sound a few years with my family and we loved it. The scenery was so stunning!

    Sadly, I have never had the chance to go to the Waitomo Caves. Have you?

    Cheers, Rachel

  2. No I have not been to Waitomo caves but my uncles has and He told me amazing things. Thanks Rachel for the feedback.

    Joseph Mulipola

  3. Hi Joseph! It's great to hear that your uncle has been to the Waitomo Caves and shared his stories with you. They really do sound amazing. Sadly, I have never been there myself but I think that it would be pretty incredible to see it. Hopefully, we will both get there one day!

    Cheers, Rachel